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Welcome, you have arrived, and we hope it was easy getting here. The Travel Center located in Hanover, Massachusetts has made its name exceeding the expectations of our clients for over a decade. The myth that you will get it for less $$ when you book on-line is just that...a myth. We provide the optimum service available. Our corporate, vacation and leisure travelers count on us to provide them the best value for whatever their travel needs may be and we deliver.

Find out why once you book with The Travel Center, you'll never experience aggravation of trying to book online, again!

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Visit Mexico

Whether you want to explore a city or lay on a beach, Mexico is a wonderful destination. The out-of-this-world food and irresistible artwork.


  • My Brother lives in NH. His only daughter just went off to college in Colorado. I mentioned to him that he should get his daughters flights all set for holidays and breaks sooner than later. He of course was trying to do it himself. I told him he should just use a travel agent it will be worth it. Unbeknownst her referred his ex-wife Melissa Lipman to you and she called me today to thank me. She had asked my brother to help and again unbeknownst to me he gave her your information because he didn’t know what to do. I had no idea what she was referring too. I finally figured it out. She said I believe it was Lauren in your office was amazing. She wanted to fly to Colorado to visit her daughter for parents week and her 50th birthday. His ex-wife who a number of years after their divorce was diagnosed with a devastating disease called Cerebellum Degeneration*. She was a nurse, an amazing athlete filled with energy and vitality. This disease has left her in a wheelchair bound among many other things. Your office was able to get her a flight with her wheelchair, near the bathroom and assistance and so much more. I can’t tell you how amazing you all are. Because you deserve a metal. I am happy to put this on a review for your website.
  • The wedding was beautiful, everything was perfect. The Honeymoon was breathtaking! Unbelievable, absolutely stunning. We were blown away!!! The Hilton Moorea was awesome but Bora Bora was something like a movie. Rebecca and I was speechless. We did the ATV, Jeep safari, and even walked under water...I definitely appreciate everything.
  • I have dealt with the people at The Travel Center for about 9 years. During that time, the agents have arranged personal as well as group trips for me. They have consistently been easy to contact and have always found ways to satisfy my travel needs, adjusting trips in a most economic as well as creative manner. Their personal knowledge of a wide variety of destinations and vendors has been invaluable. They are patient, courteous, customer oriented and extremely professional. These qualities always resulted in wonderful trips, no matter what the challenges. I rate you the maximum number of stars!
  • Just wanted to let you know that Sean and I had an awesome experience at the NOW Jade. Our vacation was amazing and so relaxing! Thank you for recommending that place. The employees were all friendly and the food was amazing (the Italian was our favorite). Only complaint is I wish we could've stayed even longer, but that's usually how every vacation goes. Thanks for all your help with booking this vacation!!