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Africa is, to put it simply, massive. It is home to 54 countries, more than a billion people, and, at more than 11 million square miles, it makes up a fifth of the land on earth. And it is ever-changing. With so many choices, making a decision about where to go on vacation in Africa can be quite daunting. Africa is incredibly diverse and you can experience different cultures, languages, fauna, flora, and topography in each individual country.

Figuring out what you would like to see and do while on holiday in Africa is probably the best way to decide where to go.

Safari vacations in Africa are just as diverse as the continent itself, though these types of trips require a large sum of money. Whether you want to spend a few days gorilla trekking in Uganda or more than two weeks spotting the big five – lions, leopards, African elephants, rhinos and Cape buffalos – in South Africa, you'll find an array of experiences to best suit your needs.